Age of Dynasties Medieval War v2.1.1 Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Description :
Age of Dynasties Medieval War is a strategy that will delight any fan of gradually building their territory to the rank of the most powerful and dominant. Participants are encouraged to start in the early centuries and gradually move to the medieval analogue. Fight, trade, forge trade and political alliances, repel attacks, and so on. The range of affairs, problems and responsibilities of the ruler will be more than extensive and lengthy. Only by immersing yourself in all areas of activity will it be possible to achieve exactly what is needed. The status of the state, which dictates its conditions to everyone else.
Features :
* KING SIMULATOR: Sit on the throne and be the king of your medieval kingdom in this offline strategy game!
* OFFLINE STRATEGY GAME: Single player empire simulation with hundreds of epic events set in medieval Europe from AD 476.
* MEDIEVAL RPG: like Arthur, the conqueror of Avalon, summon the lords and knights for your throne.
* MEDIEVAL STRATEGY TBS: plan world domination on the throne of your king while doing the best for your civilization and dynasty in each game turn, deploy heirs with strategy in the Middle Ages.
* TOTAL WAR: Conquer the Middle Ages and wage wars all over Europe or the world!
* FAMILY DYNASTY: total control over your heirs, choose the appearance, characteristics and talents of the kings and queens of your dynasty
* WORLD CONQUEST: Become a great conqueror, choose the best strategy to conquer other dominions, lead your armies in wars or forge legendary alliances, be an invincible defender of your fortress.

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