Almora Darkosen RPG v1.0.87 Mod (Premium + Unlimited Gold) Apk

Almora Darkosen RPG - This is a retro-style hack and slash RPG set in a fantasy world. Explore the huge island of Almora with different locations:
Fields, swamps, forests, dark forests, cities, crypts, caves, deserts, and others ...
The game will keep you playing for hours!
* Monsters: Fight with bosses and various monsters with special abilities.
* Boats and portals: When you get tired of walking, you can always use a paid boat.
* Mini-games: Play Almorian mini-games for gold and tokens in the taverns and hidden places.
* NPC: Talk to all NPCs about their stories and quests.
* Skills: Use active and passive skills. You can choose your skill path, fire or poison.
* Knowledge book about the game: In-game encyclopedia: list and statistics of all discovered objects.

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