Angry Bee Evolution v3.3.3 Mod (Menu Mod + Amber + Honey) Apk

Angry Bee Evolution - a combination of clickers, nice graphics and a touch of humor in all upcoming game events. Players will be busy getting new types of striped workers to collect nectar and turn it into honey. A wide range of options (some very scary, others hilarious in their looks) will help create exactly what you need for maximum yield. Which replaces the currency here and allows you to collect particularly rare items, open up new opportunities, expand your workspace, etc. to the delight of all who love games of this type.
* To discover different stages and many species of bees
* Interesting improvement that allows for faster and better development in the game
* Unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution, step-by-step clickers and incremental clicker games
* Dark Queen runes give an edge in gameplay
* Incredibly beautiful HD graphics

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