Ava’s Manor A Solitaire Story v17.0.0 Full Apk

Ava’s Manor A Solitaire Story v17.0.0 Full Apk

Card , Games

Developer :
Uken Games

Description :
Ava's Manor A Solitaire Story - a card game from Kotor also combines elements of interior design with an interesting plot. The protagonist is a girl named Ava, who inherited his uncle's estate. The mansion and surrounding area used to look very chic, but are now in disrepair. To restore the house to its former appearance, ava will have to work hard and win the player's support. The user also needs to pass the levels where you need to play patience. A good alignment will not only help change the facade and interior of the house but also reveal its secrets.
Features :
* RENOVATE, expand and decorate your mansion with tons of decor and furniture to choose from!
* RELAX with soothing Tripeaks Solitaire and solve addicting levels with your card skills!
* ROMANCE is in the air as Ava encounters new love interests while struggling to move home from an ex.
* MYSTERY awaits as you uncover the secrets of Ava's mansion and uncover her family's history.
* DISCOVER clues to the history and strange disappearance of Ava's uncle Marvin.

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