Bid Wars 2 Auction & Business v2.48.2 Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Bid Wars 2 Auction & Business - This get rich coin game gives you the chance to become a rising warehouse star and build a reputation for yourself by swimming in rare items and cash! Broaden your horizons and participate in larger auctions, just like TV show games. Some great pawnbroker moguls who are masters in sweepstakes may not like the competition your business represents. And when that happens, they pull the strings to make sure your business simulator game is over in no time! Such problems come with the territory when you participate in the risky world of business simulator games. Watching some conflicting reality TV shows during auction time can prepare you for these cases.

* GET TO KNOW THE WORLD of Flea Markets and Negotiations and be noticed by big millionaire names in the scene with your collection of legendary items and your unique master skills and strategies!
* OUTBID your competition in space-saving warehouse auctions like no other antique game can match.
* Outbid your competition in storage auctions that can be recreated like no other antique game.
* RUN and build your own pawn shop in this flea market strategy game.
* BUILD and manage your business empire with your master skills and collect treasures!

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