Bio Inc Plague and rebel doctors offline v2.941 Mod (Unlocked) Apk

Description :
Bio Inc Plague and rebel doctors offline -
The long-awaited strategic biomedical simulator in which we will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of the deadliest and most dangerous disease in the world and to decide what kind of virus, fungus or bacteria it is. Which part of the body is affected by this disease and what resistance to drugs it will have is also within our complete control. Our goal is to create a dangerous, fatal disease before a team of skilled bioengineers and doctors begin implementing the drug. We are waiting for a total of twelve levels to be passed, options for all kinds of difficulties, around 100 diseases, a colorful graphic and a thousand options for passages.
Features :
* 18 levels with different gameplays
* 100+ realistic biomedical conditions
* Spread of disease across all human systems
* Degradation of the human body in real time
* Fantastic graphics!
* Four levels of difficulty
* Thousands of ways to play the game

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