Brain Test 3 Tricky Quests & Adventures v0.30 Mod (Unlimited Rewards) Apk

Description :
Brain Test 3 Tricky Quests & Adventures is an excellent game that combines the functions of a puzzle and a quiz as well as a full storyline. The main character must shake up all the available space to find interconnected artifacts. With her help, she wants to save her sick father. And this path will lead you to the most amazing and unusual situations. Where logic and ingenuity are required. In addition to the feeling of serenity, the ability to think over your actions in advance, and just the ability to enjoy the ongoing funny dialogues.
Features :
* Tricky & mind-blowing brain teasers.
* Reverse logic puzzles.
* Mysterious puzzles and riddles.
* Complicated dialogue and chat systems.
* RPG options.
* Your choices are important.
* More than 100 levels.
* Brain training and Brain Go for children.
* Teaches how to look from different perspectives.
* Simple and addicting gameplay.

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