Brave Nine Tactical RPG v1.61.8 Mod (Battles Speed ​​x20) Apk

Description :
Brave Nine Tactical RPG - role-playing project online storyline, Asian style, and many other gameplay features that fans of the genre will wear for a long time. The tactical, gradual process will unlock the full potential of each of the more than 300 mercenaries ready to join the team. 800 stages of solo passage, various tests for the bravest, and of course the arena with real opponents also help them to have fun.
Features :
* Fight in "Guild vs, Guild vs. Guild" battles with the new conquest mode!
* Continue your adventure and show off your chess-like joke with new levels from Evil Castle!
* Customize your collection of heroes even further with brand-new companion units!
* Fight against players from all over the world in turn-based real-time combat
* Master your tactics with over 1400 levels and hundreds of unique units

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