ChatCraft Pro for Minecraft v1.11.77 Mod (Full version) Apk

Description :
ChatCraft Pro for Minecraft is a fast-paced application that will delight anyone who thinks Minecraft is not just a game, but real life. And this project is ideal for those who want to get new opportunities, simplify and automate a whole range of actions when working with servers, and so on. The wide functionality and convenient management of its properties make the project an excellent choice for those who want to systematize and consolidate into one appearance their entire database that has been accumulated over the years. All fans of the original source are strongly recommended testing and use it in practice.
Features :
* Inventory: Click on the items in your inventory to teleport over the server!
* Chat Logs: You can find chats from your Minecraft sessions
* The best AFK experience: auto-reconnect, repeating movements/messages/commands
* Customizable notifications when you are attacked or when you receive a specific message
* Supports Forge servers
* Player list with skins
* Supports multiple accounts: you can use different usernames to log into different servers

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