Clone Armies Tactical Army Game v7.8.9 Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Clone Armies - How is clone armies different? Because the death of your troops is just the beginning. When you spawn again as a new soldier, the previous troop also spawns and copies your actions from the previous round - you build up your army step by step. Soldier for soldier.
* Original game mechanics of cloning that combine strategy and action in an unprecedented way.
* Duel in multiplayer games and climb the leaderboard for prizes.
* Chest Lootbox Capsules to unlock rewards, collect powerful new clones and equipment, and upgrade existing ones.
* Simple and easy controls.
* Different units (sniper, tank, jetpack, helicopter, cyborg ...) and military equipment with different statistics and skills.
* Scenario campaign with multiple missions of increasing difficulty, from casual missions to the most demanding.
* Challenging boss fights.
* Multiple game modes + special sandbox mode to create unlimited clones in a never-ending map.
* Customizable base to defend.
* Regular updates.

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