Crab War Idle Swarm Evolution v3.37.0 Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Crab War - Tap Simulator in which players help crabs deal with aliens that look like giant reptiles. Huge reptiles invaded their land and drove the crabs underground. Centuries later, imbued with the power of the crystals, they are ready to take revenge! Raise the swarm and emerge with all your might. Build up your crab army, develop it further and drive the scaly beasts out of your home!
* Create 33 unique queens to lead your crush
* Unleash 6 powerful skills and customize them with up to 18 different talents
* Hunt over 50 uniquely dangerous reptiles
* Ecdysis and be reborn with powerful mutations
* Kill the Wildebeast and get legendary rewards
* Compete with others in challenging tournaments
* Modify your genes and adapt your crabs in the gene tree
* Call on powerful allies like the Killer Crab and the Golden Ray

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