Darkrise Pixel Classic Action RPG v0.8.8 Mod (Free Shopping) Apk

Darkrise Pixel Classic Action RPG - A classic representative of the genre of role-playing games with pixel graphics and hardcore gameplay. The user finds three unique heroes to face in the battles. The story begins when the characters' homeland starts attacking the demons. To stop the heroes use their armed forces and warfare mechanics, each of them is unique. Only here two dozen places will be visited, in order to increase the chances of winning, many improvements in the equipment of soldiers will help.

There are 20 venues and 6 levels of difficulty. Enemies will appear in front of you or appear from portals that appear randomly on site every few seconds. All enemies are different and have their unique characteristics. Sometimes flawed enemies can show up, they have random statistics, and you cannot predict their powers. That's why it never gets boring to play Darkrise.

The combat system is pretty juicy: camera shakes, lightning bolts, health drop animation, drop flying in each side. Your character and enemies are fast, you always have to move if you don't want to lose.

There are many ways to strengthen your character. There are 8 types and 6 rarities of equipment. You can make slots in your armor and place gems in them, you can also combine multiple gems of one type to get an updated one. The blacksmith in town will be happy to beautify and reforge your armor to make it even better.

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