Day R Premium v​​1.670 Mod (Free Shopping) Apk

Day R - Excellent role-playing text adventure story in the real world. In the post-war period of the organic land, everyone fell into the desert and became lifeless. Survived the accident unit, increased immunity, immunity to radiation. Only the looters, the remains looking for food. We must take on the role of the one with the survivors and be faced with difficulties on a regular basis - to survive in an aggressive environment, seek hawk, water, ammunition, and weapons to fight for his life and go crazy in solitude. Toy, according to the developers, is constantly updated to bring new toy quests, enemies, and objects.
* Crafting System - get resources, hunt, find useful items or weapons, and create your own!
* Hardcore survival simulator
* Travel through the wilderness map in multiplayer mode
* Choose the difficulty: Sandbox, Real Life or Online

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