Dungeon Chronicle v3.01 Mod (Dumb Enemy) Apk

Dungeon Chronicle v3.01 Mod (Dumb Enemy) Apk

Games , Role Playing

Developer :
BUNKERim Studio

Description :
Dungeon Chronicle is an RPG project with an isometric camera, endless gameplay and game elements reminiscent of the classic Diabloid. Fantasy coexists peacefully with firearms, and demons are not averse to using explosives against characters. Recruit a combat team of like-minded people and mercenaries who love gold and clean up dungeons, mazes, and other places where they're already expected.
Features :
* Become the ultimate hero with different weapons (double swords, long sword, pistol, shotgun, wand and staff)
* Hire and organize mercenaries to form the strongest party.
* Improve your skills and create a melee-oriented warrior, or combine and combine and create a hybrid character of your choice!

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