Grand Hotel Mania Hotel game v1.17.2.7 Mod (Unlimited Crystals) Apk

Grand Hotel Mania Hotel game -
This is a time management game where you have to serve all of your guests on time! Just like in the real world, you will learn to be a hotel manager who can properly prioritize. Manage your helpers and attract more customers to become a hotel empire tycoon. Manage time and resources properly and everyone will be happy!

This hotel simulator offers a beautiful game environment that will win every gamer's heart. The hotels of the Grand Hotel Mania are designed with passion, which is why this hotel story is so unforgettable. You will meet interesting characters like your assistants Ted and Monica. They will do everything to make you a hotel master! The charming Monica greets guests with a smile, while the hardworking Ted makes sure that everyone is taken care of.


* Addictive gameplay as you develop your hotel!
* Great graphics show your hotel in all its glory!
* Regular updates with new dream hotels!
* A unique gaming experience that only great hotel games can offer!

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