Grow Soldier Merge Soldier v3.9.5 Mod (Free Shopping) Apk

Grow Soldier Merge Soldier v3.9.5 Mod (Free Shopping) Apk

Adventure , Games

Developer :
PixelStar Games

Descriptions :
Grow Soldier Idle Merge game - PixelStar Games' sweet pixel simulator that successfully combines side-scroller and strategy mechanisms to combine elements. The role of this would be to carry the soldiers in this case. The zombie apocalypse and Gamer control the detachment, which must contain the onslaught of numerous mutant waves. The time gained will help to build up defenses and save the lives of refugees. But players need to develop their fighters, send them into battle immediately, and the search for armored vehicles for the army has been covered in a large caliber. The game is guaranteed to enjoy the fans of different genre directions.

Features :
* Synthesize your apprentices to create more powerful soldiers
* Produce a super-soldier by putting together 9 levels of education!
* Upgrade to a more powerful Soldier system
* Collect different tanks and shells.
* Explore different areas and save soldiers!
* Hunt crazy robots and aliens and win items!

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