Idle Zombie Shelter v1.2.3.0 Mod (Unlocked) Apk

Idle Zombie Shelter v1.2.3.0 Mod (Unlocked) Apk

Casual , Games

Developer :
Light Core Game

Description :
Idle Zombie Shelter is a very, very interesting clicker set in the setting of a zombie apocalypse that is sure to captivate all gamers. And not just fans of the genre. You are in the center of a panic-hit town with mutants walking the streets. A small building became a refuge for a group of people who decided to wait out the storm there. That doesn't let up. It becomes clear that it is time to turn the point into a full-fledged defense point. The characters will, under the guidance of players, build barricades, build additional lines of defense, search for supplies, and much more so that despite the simplest process, you won't get bored.
Features :
* Finding new teammates to build a strong team
* Build structures as shelters
* Build weapons for the team to survive the zombie waves
* Rescue refugee survivors and bring them back to safe areas

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