Island War v2.4.4 Mod (Direct victory) Apk

Island War v2.4.4 Mod (Direct victory) Apk

Games , Strategy

Developer :
Fastone Games HK

Island War - A real-time strategy with elements of economic simulation that tells us the story of brave settlers exploring new lands, in which you, of course, play the main role. The continent at the center of the world has been shattered by a mysterious power; it has become countless islands scattered across the ocean. So when you find yourself on the vastness of the island, you have to conquer it, after which you can win resources and explore the game world, but also try to get access to the main value of gold and gems. It is worth noting that the game world is not limited to one island, and you can inhabit the surrounding islands during raids.
* A new creative game with tons of features from the famous developer of a project like Art of War: Legions.
* Freedom of play and unlimited battles.
* Real combat strategies
* Growing multiplayer gameplay with more and more features with each new update.
* Cooperate with other captains to become a new force in the sea and perform cooperative tasks.

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