Last Kingdom Defense v2.9.3 Mod (Free Shopping) Apk

Last Kingdom Defense v2.9.3 Mod (Free Shopping) Apk

Games , Strategy

Developer :
Studio Ampersand

Description :
Last Kingdom Defense - Defend the last remaining kingdom from the invasion of the alien empire, Zac!
Strategic castle game with a completely different kind of fun
You can build castles and villages with mithril, which you can get by defeating Zac. Improve your castle and use more heroes and soldiers to attack the increasingly powerful enemies!
Features :
* Combining the skills of heroes is a key strategy to win the battle.
* The more you let your hero grow, the more powerful your skills will become. Create a powerful mythical hero through a merger of 7-star heroes.
* When building a tower research center, you can also place war towers on the battlefield.
* Not a simple infinite wave. Continue the engaging story of hope and survival that unfolds in the War of Conquest.
* Get various items and loot to make your hero even stronger.
* Challenge the dungeons and get hidden relic weapons.
* Become the leader of the city now!

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