My Little Pony Rainbow Runners v2021.2.0 Mod (Unlocked) Apk

Description :
My Little Pony Rainbow Runners - is an exciting, casual project about the adventures of famous ponies who can fly and do various magical things. Which will be very useful to you in this game. The rogue forces have imposed a cunning curse that has washed out all colors except gray. Now everything in the area is gloomy and monotonous, and the residents are going through difficult times. It is time for our brave winged creatures to strike back. Return the pallet and find out why it happened. To show the villains that it is better not to do this. Fans of the universe and simply interesting entertainment should not miss this product.
Features :
* PLAY exciting missions across Ponyville!
* RUN to close the paint theft portals platform by platform!
* JUMP, FLY, and SLIDE to avoid obstacles, holes, and muddy puddles!
* Transform your ponies into their epic Rainbow Power shape!
* Collect pony power and improve your ponies' rainbow powers

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