Machinal Instinct v17 Моd (Free Shopping) Apk

Machinal Instinct v17 Моd (Free Shopping) Apk

Casual , Games

Developer :
Pomelo Games

Description :
Machinal Instinct is a new entertaining project from Pomelo Games that will delight you with high dynamics, beautiful graphics, and a number of original, funny, and cute characters. They are quite weak and defenseless, as they may seem at first glance. The events of the game development for humanity sometime after the end of the world. The cessation of his existence, our protective spells, and spent in bloody and ruthless battles. And now that people can no longer be a threat, a new war is starting. For power and control over resources. And the players will try to bring their pet to the leaders of the election race.
Features :
* Choose from 6 cute but fearless Mech pilots, the best from across the wasteland.
* Customize your fighting style:
* 3 different types of melee weapons: ax, fist, or chain.
* 2 different types of ranged weapons: grenade or missile.
* Win supply crates and get rewards for pumping up your 'Mech.

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