Minion Valley Crafting Strategy v1.0.5 Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Description :
Minion Valley Crafting Strategy is cute and very exciting, as well as an interesting and original game in which you will have to find the right and most effective options to destroy minions. The latter is hidden behind the walls of various fortifications and players must find ways to defeat them using a variety of opportunities and resources. Valuables and consumables must be dismantled and processed using a click-like mechanism. Gorgeous graphics, interactivity, destruction systems, crafts, and much more will amaze you with its non-standard and give you a great time.
Features :
* 10 hidden valleys to discover, 10 bosses, to fight and an endless supply of minions to beat!
* Over 30 different ways to destroy! Build your deck and creatively destroy towers!
* Manage 10 factories and craft 90 resources!
* 300+ physics-based towers to destroy!
* Gorgeous aesthetic design with amazing high-resolution graphics!

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