Ninja warrior legend of adventure games v1.57.1 ​​Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Ninja warrior legend of shadow fighting games - a simple 2D action game in which the player as one of the warriors of the ninja clan tread the path of vengeance and destroy an army of soldiers in the service of evil demons. Figure in ancient times
You will become a real demon and warrior of the night, hiding in different places, attacking unexpectedly and destroying your enemy with one precise blow. These warriors of the night have retained inhuman abilities and have worked the hardest to eliminate the most powerful and influential people
You will have a contingent of such warriors in your hands, and each of them must be independently controlled. The entire game is presented as a platformer where you can see what is happening from the side.
* Beautiful graphics
* Easy to play and control
* Wonderful sound
* Smart challenge with many levels and maps
* There are 3 cards and 45+ levels
* It will be an addictive game.

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