Pixel Starships v0.985.7 Full Apk

Pixel Starships v0.985.7 Full Apk

Games , Strategy

Developer :
Savy Soda

Description :
Pixel Starships - cool strategy game with pixel graphics and a huge open world, the galaxy, that players will explore and patrol on his spaceship. They need to build and develop their craft to hire new crew members to choose which modules to deploy in a confined space, explore the planets, build diplomatic relationships, war and many other things that won't get boring at the command post.
Features :
* Manage diplomacy, recruitment, research, exploration!
* Control the power of the ship and the limited resources. Discover epic weapons.
* Build and deploy auxiliary ships to expand your spaceship.
* Cross-section full ship control and battles.
* Build the best strategy with occupation tactics.
* Explore planets, discover secrets of space.
* Form alliances and fight with your friends to achieve victory!

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