Pure Sniper City Gun Shooting v500102 Mod (Menu) Apk

Pure Sniper City Gun Shooting v500102 Mod (Menu) Apk

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Description :
Pure Sniper City Gun Shooting
is a very solid shooting range in which players transform themselves into a professional sniper who undertakes extremely risky and delicate tasks that require a surprise and ranged attack. With precision rifles it is possible to eliminate criminals, rescue hostages, prevent terrorist attacks and much more. There are more than enough of them for those familiar with the genre. There is also the option to visit the shooting range. To test new types of kegs and improve your accuracy skills. This will come in handy before real-time PvP battles.
Features :
* Play on multiple battlefields
* Simple and smooth shot control
* Interactive & action-packed environment
* Connect with the FPS snipers around the world to beat other teams.
* Different enemy types. Each guy has their own strengths and combat goals that you need to keep in mind when facing them on the battlefield!

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