Rails Empire v1.0.26 Mod (Unlimited Diamonds) Apk

Rails Empire v1.0.26 Mod (Unlimited Diamonds) Apk

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Developer :
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Description :
Rails Empire is a cool representative of "tapa simulators" that will delight gamers not only with good quality and fun graphic design but also with a multitude of possibilities and horizons for the development of the entire company. The players slip into the role of an enterprising person who, in the age of expansion and resettlement of the population in one of the parallel worlds, decides to start building a railway. For the transport of passengers and goods across the vast areas of an unknown country. Players become involved in a variety of matters and responsibilities, can participate personally in many ways, and gradually move towards future centuries.
Features :
* 100+ train combinations, each with its own unique properties!
* Equip your train with food, entertainment, or comfort cars to increase passenger satisfaction and keep business going!
* Different themes of promotion: Restaurant, Toy Kingdom, Midnight Pub, Muscle Power, Cyber Gamer!
* Hire effective managers to increase your sales and profits!
* Travel around the world to enjoy the natural landscapes: Wild Plains, Bridge-Tunnel, Maple Forest, Frozen City, Flower Sea!
* Raise your money online or offline in this tycoon simulator game!

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