Retract Survive v0.24 Mod (Reward for not watching ads) Apk

Description :
Retract Survive
is a fast-paced multiplayer action shooter. The mix of battle royale and survival in dangerous conditions makes the gameplay intense, dynamic and unpredictable. In the event that, players do not think about their further actions in order to achieve first place in the game. Well, for tacticians and fans of complete control of the action, there is not only an arsenal of firearms, but also various devices and tools to put obstacles and traps in the way of rivals. This beautiful graphic makes the project a very fascinating and promising representative of its category.
Features :
* Find food and drink, so you don't starve or die of thirst.
* Loot weapons and weapons to protect yourself from bandits.
* Explore the deserted, apocalyptic, harsh environment.
* Survive day, night and dynamic weather conditions.
* Roam the big open world for loot.
* Use voice chat to speak to other survivors.

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