Ria Action Adventure v1.1.9 Mod (Unlimited Money + Souls Apk + Data

Ria Action Adventure - a beautiful and epic action role-playing game with a huge open world and entertaining gameplay. The events of the action take place on a planet that is inhabited by monsters, monsters and all other original creatures. The main character was sent there to clean up the territory and secure it for human development. In parallel, a group of individuals are trying to escape the control of a powerful creature and submit to the power of the dark goddess. It is necessary to interrupt this plan, to complete the task and to survive in an extremely unfriendly world.
* Test your skills against higher level enemies, some with deadly new skills.
* Collect "Dark Souls" to craft and build an evil arsenal of weapons, armor and modifications to tackle each encounter in dozens of unique ways.
* Ability to skip filmically
* Improve materials that allow you to build an evil arsenal of weapons and armor
* Enjoy high-end 3D graphics, realistic physics and animation
* Combine multiple fighting styles to create your own unique style of play

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Data - OBB


Cache Path: SD / Android / obb