Rusty Lake Hotel v3.0.8 Mod (Full version) Apk

Rusty Lake Hotel v3.0.8 Mod (Full version) Apk

Adventure , Games

Developer :
Rusty Lake

Description :
Rusty Lake Hotel - For this developer, the Rusty Lake Hotel is traditionally a surreal project full of allusions, references, and completely unusual maneuvers in the narrative and game mechanics. This makes this creativity very popular with gamers who want to enjoy original entertainment. The events take place in a mysterious hotel where guests have arrived to attend a series of dinners that promise to be simply unforgettable. And that's partly true. Well, the participants in the role of the main characters will watch the development of the narrative, solve puzzles and try to plunge into the secrets of what is happening, and make themselves the main idea of the entire game.
Features :
* Pick-up-and-play: easy to start but difficult to take off
* Tons of puzzles: a total of 6 rooms full of unique and diverse brain teasers
* Exciting and exciting story: There are 5 dinners with fascinating guests and staff
* Full of tension and atmosphere: The Rusty Lake Hotel is a surreal place where anything can happen ...
* Impressive soundtrack: each room has its own theme song

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