School of Chaos Online MMORPG v1.818 Full Apk

School of Chaos Online MMORPG v1.818 Full Apk

Games , Role Playing

Developer :
VNL Entertainment Ltd

School of Chaos Online - Super-role-playing three-dimensional toy with regular battles. Forget about any rules. Forget about the school uniform. Forget about good behavior and academic performance. Now the school is a huge arena, populated by players from the world of everything. Now we are obliged not to learn, but to fight for our lives, in a costume, dressed as a templar, an angel, a knight, a rapper, and others.
* Play with thousands of online players
* Quest Maker - allows you to create your own quests for others to use
* The 3D open world sandbox environment allows you to roam an entire school freely
* Fully customize your character with over 5 billion different options
* Real-time market that enables real profitability
* Over 30 different combat moves that you can use to destroy your enemies in real time
* Loads of weapons and armor to aid you on your journey
* Upgrade your equipment to make it stronger
* Meet friends or foes
* Form or join a clan to wage wars
* Buy houses, furniture, then have a house party with friends
* Buy pets and train them to fight for you
* Craft rare items of various types

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