Solitaire Story Ava’s Manor v25.0.3 Mod (Unlimited Lives) Apk

Solitaire Story Ava's Manor - a project that offers players the familiar setting of repairing a huge building and improving the adjoining territory that goes with it. But this time in the solitaire mechanics. Perfectly designed maps will help you find the right resources to work with, remove obstacles, get people to help, and so on. The main character unexpectedly receives news of the inheritance of a mysterious uncle. The manor impresses with its size and desolation. It is necessary to return the object to its former size and at the same time solve many secrets of a relative.
* ENDLESS, addicting solitaire card games, all for free! Renovate, design and decorate your mansion by playing exciting Tripeaks Solitaire levels to unlock more furniture options to decorate your mansion with!
* RENOVATE, expand and decorate your mansion and gardens with tons of decor and furniture in different styles to choose from! Renovate and decorate to your own unique taste!
* RELAX with soothing Tripeaks Solitaire games and solve thousands of addicting puzzles!
* ROMANCE is in the air as Ava meets new love interests at the mansion while struggling to move on from an old ex at home.

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