Spacelanders Sci Fi Shooter v1.5.18 Mod Apk

Spacelanders Sci Fi Shooter v1.5.18 Mod Apk

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Developer :
Tilting Point

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Description :
Spacelanders Sci Fi Shooter - This is set in a near future where you will have to defend Earth from alien invasions. You are the hero of the galaxy, a space trooper, the only force capable of defeating the waves of intelligent robots, space bugs and even dragons.
If you are a fan of 3D games, sci-fi games, archer games, action RPG games, modern day fighting shooters, and you feel like killing endless hordes of monsters as you explore new worlds, then listen wait a minute and download Spacelanders now! The world needs heroes like you!

Features :
* Lead your hero to victory by shooting down hideous enemies, dodging fast bullets and defeating epic bosses, all with just one finger!
* Laser cannons, shotguns, flash cannons, rocket launchers, FLAME TROWERS !!
* Go on an epic adventure across different planets!
* Experience beautiful worlds, fantastic creatures, epic loot, powerful heroes and visual effects in a heroic science fiction universe!
* Crawl through deadly dungeons, open chests, defeat bosses and find the exit!

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