Stickman Battle 2021 Stick War Fight v1.6.5 Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Description :
Stickman Battle 2021 Stick War Fight - a minimalist graphic strategy about the Stickman world, which has split between the peoples living on this planet due to the global war. Players will lead one of the factions and will do everything possible to ensure they prevail in this conflict. Various units, special abilities, pumping options, both general and common soldiers, and much more are at your disposal. So we shouldn't forget to improve the mechanism for extracting useful and valuable resources. Almost everything depends on them to achieve victory in one of the upcoming battles on the way to the main goal.
Features :
* Variety of stickman characters: miner, sword, spear, archer, wizard, giant
* Massive weapons (armory) with the ability to increase the stickman's strength of your units
* Excellent 3D graphics, realistic physics, and amazing sound effects.
* Over 500 game mode challenges with the ultimate in Stickman skills.
* The repeat function in a game can definitely improve the gaming experience.
* Gifts of skins, avatars, or coins every three hours, daily and weekly.

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