Terraforming Mars v1.2101 Mod Full Apk

Terraforming Mars v1.2101 Mod Full Apk

Board , Games

Developer :
Asmodee Digital

Description :
Terraforming Mars - a mobile adaptation of a desktop strategy that allows the player to take over the presidency of a company that is involved in the exploration of Mars. The user will perform the process of terraforming the red planet using various resources, building cities, forming ponds and forests, and other processes. All activities are carried out with the aim of creating a suitable environment for people's lives. Even in such a posh thing, players will struggle to compete with companies trying to thwart the company's activities.
Features :
* The official adaptation of Jacob Fryxelius' famous board game.
* Mars for everyone: Play against the computer or challenge up to 5 players in multiplayer mode online or offline.
* Game variant: try the rules of company time for a more complex game. With new maps including two new companies focused on business and technology, you will discover one of the most strategic variations of the game!
* Solo Challenge: Complete the terraforming of Mars before the end of the 14th generation.

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