Tinker Island Survival Story Adventure v1.8.18 Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Tinker Island Pixel Art Survival Adventure - As you progress and make the tools you need, you will slowly discover the map, monument, valley, stars, mountain and treasures of the islands. If things don't work, try again. And then try again. One hour, one life, yolo. There is a lot of wit and humor in the narrative that requires you to make the right decisions to advance through the story. Gather the resources you need to upgrade your buildings and unlock new areas and even new islands. Some are deserted islands, others are tiny islands with a mysterious past, you might even come across an octopus. Maybe build a colony, an entire civilization on the edge of the world, but most of all, survive and complete the quests.
* Lead a group of island survivors with simple swipes
* Choose your own adventure and try to survive
* Explore a huge, lush world
* Experience a talking island
* Fight against many dangers lurking behind every bush
* Gather resources to survive
* Build a base and upgrade structures
* Combine, stack and collect flowers in a cool mini-game
* Craft weapons and tools
* Discover a gripping storyline
* Uncover the terrifying secret of Tinker Island

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