My Town Hotel Free v1.04 Mod (Unlocked) Apk

My Town Hotel Free v1.04 Mod (Unlocked) Apk

Educational , Games

Developer :
My Town Games Ltd

Description :
My Town Hotel Free is another project in the collection of all fans of beautiful, high quality and exciting useful, and fun games from a well-known developer. Players are introduced to the functions and intricacies of the popular hotel. They will welcome guests, put them in their rooms, visit various institutions on the territory, communicate with visitors and staff, conduct mini-games, discover new opportunities, and much more. The corporate style of the graphics, the interactive elements in the gameplay, the long duration, and the multitude of tasks will cast a spell over all educational games without exception.
Features :
* Brand new clothes and costumes to take out of your suitcase.
* All new characters have been added and you can now even play with those you loved from previous games in the hotel.

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