Trivia Crack v3.124.1 Mod (Full version) Apk

Trivia Crack v3.124.1 Mod (Full version) Apk

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Trivia Crack - Take part in the game; Your task is to collect the characters that correspond to the avatar in the 6 categories of the game. The categories correspond to 6 areas of knowledge, including art, science, sports, entertainment, geography and history. To start the game you need to choose the language, game mode and opponent. The game mode includes in particular: Classic and Challenge. In challenge mode, two participating players have to bet on their character. Then the system asks each player the same 6 questions. Each question belongs to a different genre, the player who answers most of the questions correctly wins and wins the character of the opponent. In the field of two people with the same number of correct answers, the challenger is defeated.
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* Play single-player mode to answer non-stop questions and beat your high score. No twists, no waiting, enjoy the little things of the day at your own pace!
* Win our biggest rewards ever with missions!
* Do a treasure hunt! Collect answers to get through the map and find great prizes!

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