The War for the West v1.0.9 Full Apk

The War for the West v1.0.9 Full Apk

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Developer :
Hosted Games

Description :
The War for the West - interactive novel with a minimalist image that takes place in the Middle Ages. The user will take the reins of one of the provinces on the western peninsula. The tasks of the player include the proper disposal of the finances derived from the taxes of the population, the improvement of the infrastructure, diplomacy with other rulers and participation in the warriors. All of this is submitted in text form with multiple choice responses depending on how events continue.
Features :
* Play as Lord or Lady and find joy wherever you think it is right.
* Fight in the open field, withstand a siege, join your enemy or avoid conflict completely.
* Marry for love, power, or convenience, and use lovers to soothe your lust when necessary.
* Bow or defy the church by joining the northern heresy or building your own religion.
* Uncover the secrets of your lineage and the ancient secrets of the world as well as many hidden ends.

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