Wheel of Fortune Free Play v3.57.1 ​​Mod (Board is Auto Clear) Apk

Description :
Wheel of Fortune Free Play is an excellent word game that is the official version of the cult entertainment "Wheel of Fortune", known in the world by various names, and does not change the inner essence of what is happening. Players spin the wheel, unravel words by replacing letters, broaden their horizons along the way, participate in other related events, and so on.
Features :
* Guess on thousands of brand-new official word puzzles from the producers of the successful TV show!
* TV show host Pat Sajak accompanies you on a world tour with puns from New York and Paris to Tokyo and Hollywood
* Compete against other players in word puzzle tournaments online to win huge prizes and unique collectibles!
* Play free word games with friends, Facebook friends, and family, as well as thousands of other players from around the world!

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