Zombero Archero Killer v1.3.1 Mod (Unlimited Energy & More) Apk

Description :
Zombero Archero Killer - low poly graphics and a fairly highly dynamic arcade about the extermination of zombies in small arenas. The random creation of the location of objects, the "provision" with fresh opponents and other things gives the participants the impossibility of calculating subsequent events. That is why we prepare ourselves for every raid as carefully as possible. Buying and pumping weapons, supplying ammunition and explosives, upgrading skills, and other measures to increase the level of the main character offer a higher chance of successfully reaching the boss and defeating him in an epic battle.
Features :
* Villainous Sagittarius
* Random generation of power ups, every game is different
* Cool arenas in beautiful polygon graphics
* Many types of zombies
* Epic boss fights

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